Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Pets are Accepted Inside the Facilities

Charges per Pet

$ 300.00 tax incl. per night. + deposit for $ 500.00 taxes included. (The latter is in cash, is paid upon arrival at the hotel and is reimbursed upon departure of the client).

Regulation for the Entry of Pets to the Hotel

  1. Present physically the Pet (s) to the Reception staff, for their registration. And the owner of the room must present a valid official identification.
  2. A fee of $ 300.00 per day will be applied for each pet (maximum two pets per room).
  3. Leave a deposit of $ 500.00 per pet as guarantee, in case of damage or damage caused by the pet.
  4. When checking out, the client will have to wait the necessary time to complete the inspection of the room by the hotel staff.
  5. If the pet loses a lot of hair, $ 100.00 will be deducted from the guarantee deposit.
  6. At the discretion of the Reception Staff, Pets with a weight greater than 6 kilograms may be accepted inside the room, when the pet exceeds in size, it may be within the facilities, in a place designated for them, with 24 hour surveillance hrs.
  7. The pet is prohibited from circulating around the Hotel areas.
  8. For safety reasons, the pet is NOT allowed to stay in the restaurant or pool area.
  9. The space and tranquility of the other guests must be respected.
  10. If the pet is required to pass through any area of the Hotel, it must use a STRAP.
  11. The reception staff will assign specific rooms for guests with a Pet. (Subject to availability.).
  12. A DAILY inspection of the room will be carried out to evaluate if there is any flaw or damage caused to the Hotel's property.
  13. The host will be responsible for providing and using stool collection bags for the use of their pet.
  14. Do not bathe your pet (s) in the shower in the room, do not use hotel-owned towels to dry the pet.
  15. It is not allowed to leave the pet alone in the room. All pets must be under adult supervision.
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